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  1. 5ANA

    5ANAΠριν 18 ημέρες


  2. HBK

    HBKΠριν 26 ημέρες


  3. Joel Thomas

    Joel ThomasΠριν μήνα

    Teasing me

  4. ÆRch M3GA

    ÆRch M3GAΠριν μήνα


  5. Charlie Mahoney CFC

    Charlie Mahoney CFCΠριν 2 μήνες

    This made me relise who’s the funniest sidemen

  6. ASAP Nate13

    ASAP Nate13Πριν 2 μήνες

    L idea tbh

  7. Christian Petersen Sullca

    Christian Petersen SullcaΠριν 3 μήνες


  8. Marcus Brady

    Marcus BradyΠριν 3 μήνες

    Anyone remember JJ saying: "Ayyyyy let's do that." (Sidemen Arcade btw)

  9. Purple Guy

    Purple GuyΠριν 3 μήνες

    This is actually the worst tier list ever

  10. V A

    V AΠριν 3 μήνες

    For me slime climb is shut up and take my money😂

  11. Trevor Deshane

    Trevor DeshaneΠριν 3 μήνες

    This is so off man so many whack picks

  12. Beau Dain

    Beau DainΠριν 3 μήνες

    Guys do a tier list for best to worst fifa playlists

  13. Lucas Tärngren

    Lucas TärngrenΠριν 3 μήνες


  14. POMBO

    POMBOΠριν 4 μήνες

    This is the worst tier list

  15. Lexi Walker

    Lexi WalkerΠριν 4 μήνες

    Hi x

  16. I forgot my name

    I forgot my nameΠριν 4 μήνες

    So many I haven’t seen

  17. Deadpool Howdy

    Deadpool HowdyΠριν 4 μήνες

    13:20 you nawty , you teeesin me

  18. Grid Video

    Grid VideoΠριν 4 μήνες

    i want to make a channal can u spoooooooooooot me

  19. Tipperdiss

    TipperdissΠριν 4 μήνες

    This is the worst fall guys tier list ever legit every team game is too high

  20. Aar0nYt

    Aar0nYtΠριν 4 μήνες

    getting to the final then playing royal fumble is the single most depressing feeling ever

  21. Corrupt Central

    Corrupt CentralΠριν 4 μήνες


  22. Plasma_urgent14

    Plasma_urgent14Πριν 4 μήνες

    Am I the only one that hates slime climb

  23. Anxiety 101

    Anxiety 101Πριν 4 μήνες

    It’s too easy

  24. Tehmim Ul Haque

    Tehmim Ul HaqueΠριν 4 μήνες

    7:50 is the best thing of all time

  25. Abdo

    AbdoΠριν 4 μήνες

    7:51 I don't care

  26. Best of TikTok

    Best of TikTokΠριν 4 μήνες

    strange why i have almost zero viewsonanymyvideos on my channelmy channel is lost in the owrld of youtube☹️

  27. Zain Yassin

    Zain YassinΠριν 4 μήνες

    Anyonw else realize that the tier list kinda makes an F

  28. Ted

    TedΠριν 4 μήνες

    If Ethan did play this he would rage so damn much

  29. ygq_k 9.1

    ygq_k 9.1Πριν 4 μήνες


  30. ItzKyTheKing

    ItzKyTheKingΠριν 4 μήνες

    7:49 is the meme


    CHINMAY VAZEΠριν 3 μήνες


  32. Shade

    ShadeΠριν 4 μήνες


  33. Zakman plays

    Zakman playsΠριν 4 μήνες

    15:46 need I remind you Ethan that you said cows drink milk 😂😂

  34. Spongman Lick

    Spongman LickΠριν 4 μήνες

    Play Among Us, I guarantee you guys will like it more than Fall Guys.

  35. Beau

    BeauΠριν 4 μήνες

    7:52 when the emo girl puts, I’m gonna kill my self on her snap story

  36. Marilena Petraki

    Marilena PetrakiΠριν 4 μήνες

    15:50 jj tobi and josh doin exactly the same thing😂

  37. Lukman Kaduji

    Lukman KadujiΠριν 4 μήνες

    Was Tobi talking ab a video when he said Jj called a boomerang the holy ghost? If so can someone tell me the name of it LIKE MY COMMENT SO I SEE YOU’VE REPLIES CUZ GRlifes SUCKS

  38. Lukman Kaduji

    Lukman KadujiΠριν 4 μήνες

    No one: Vik: “is that the ebola one”

  39. Aaron Luu

    Aaron LuuΠριν 4 μήνες


  40. Zamblot

    ZamblotΠριν 4 μήνες

    Tail tag is far better than team tail tag, I'm sorry but that is fact

  41. pilzz03

    pilzz03Πριν 4 μήνες

    Lads I liked Roll Out ever since I started just jumping against the walls that are coming up.

  42. pilzz03

    pilzz03Πριν 4 μήνες

    wow my tierlist would be so fucking different but it's still nice to watch

  43. grey samurai

    grey samuraiΠριν 4 μήνες

    sometimes i feel sorry for vick like they just don't seem like he sort of people can tell ur problems too especially when they tell u to shut up

  44. Dunos

    DunosΠριν 4 μήνες

    wtf i think fall ball is the worst mode ever

  45. Anxiety 101

    Anxiety 101Πριν 4 μήνες

    Me too

  46. Theegingerninja -

    Theegingerninja -Πριν 4 μήνες

    NOOOOOOO Ethan didn't shout "the list is fucked". That's the best part of the tier lists

  47. -liv-

    -liv-Πριν 4 μήνες

    why’d i just get a notification for this?

  48. Prit Khatri

    Prit KhatriΠριν 4 μήνες

    7:49 your welcome

  49. Tayyab Rauf Abbasi

    Tayyab Rauf AbbasiΠριν 4 μήνες

    I see how there are no arguments and shouting when Ethan doesn't have any clue what the list is about.

  50. Justin Angelo Alvarez

    Justin Angelo AlvarezΠριν 4 μήνες

    I really like Fruit Chute once I got the strat. Wait for a bit at the start so you don't clash head on with the first fruits, and then just stay on the sides (preferably left), and then dive if a fruit is incoming...

  51. Monke Oprah

    Monke OprahΠριν 4 μήνες

    Didn’t agree with this at all this list was horrible fall ball sucks so does egg scramble

  52. uNiT LiGHT

    uNiT LiGHTΠριν 4 μήνες

    subscribers know it came in their notis again

  53. LilDrummer Boi SaN

    LilDrummer Boi SaNΠριν 4 μήνες

    So this is what it’s come to....

  54. Drew Curry

    Drew CurryΠριν 4 μήνες


  55. imad ALbalushi

    imad ALbalushiΠριν 4 μήνες

    am i the only one who genuinely enjoys roll out?

  56. Adam Ali

    Adam AliΠριν 4 μήνες


  57. anthonyenden

    anthonyendenΠριν 4 μήνες

    Guys, please play Among US!!!!! Add Callux, Freezy and Stephen!

  58. Fayde

    FaydeΠριν 4 μήνες

    you can tell how bad these guys are because they're putting everything low down. I love jump club, roll out is fine, fruit chute is great once you've got the strategy, etc.

  59. Adelaide Wilkinson

    Adelaide WilkinsonΠριν 4 μήνες

    Gets notification three days later

  60. GiantSlaya83

    GiantSlaya83Πριν 4 μήνες

    2:48 to 3:08 favorite parts of the video 😂😂

  61. Whos ForkLife

    Whos ForkLifeΠριν 4 μήνες

    Here before 1 mil ticket

  62. Villads Brysting

    Villads BrystingΠριν 4 μήνες

    I have been waiting for this one!

  63. Tim0thy

    Tim0thyΠριν 4 μήνες

    Ethan out here makin the wise decisions

  64. MrObbiest_ Speedrun

    MrObbiest_ SpeedrunΠριν 4 μήνες

    Roblox is accually fun

  65. Joseph Smith

    Joseph SmithΠριν 4 μήνες

    Rate every call of duty gun

  66. James Pattenden

    James PattendenΠριν 4 μήνες

    I’m with Ethan on this one- this game is soooo overrated

  67. Armaan Mooraj

    Armaan MoorajΠριν 4 μήνες

    @James Pattenden dont know

  68. James Pattenden

    James PattendenΠριν 4 μήνες

    Armaan Mooraj yeah I didn’t tho and I told you that why u still here XD

  69. Armaan Mooraj

    Armaan MoorajΠριν 4 μήνες

    @James Pattenden at first i thought you meant he thought the game was overrated

  70. James Pattenden

    James PattendenΠριν 4 μήνες

    Armaan Mooraj your point being?

  71. Armaan Mooraj

    Armaan MoorajΠριν 4 μήνες

    @James Pattenden yeah but he said that only because he hasn't played it.

  72. MrGoonervideos

    MrGoonervideosΠριν 4 μήνες

    Simon running out of video ideas?

  73. ChillPill

    ChillPillΠριν 4 μήνες

    4:50 lol jj

  74. scept_s

    scept_sΠριν 4 μήνες

    GRlifes getting real comfortable with these double unskippable ads

  75. NOTBobby

    NOTBobbyΠριν 4 μήνες

    Ethan is just there in this vid

  76. Abdulrab Abdullah

    Abdulrab AbdullahΠριν 4 μήνες

    Who looks at viks face when Ethan called it splegg and not tnt run 😂😂😂

  77. Yasmin

    YasminΠριν 4 μήνες

    The list isn’t fucked

  78. Qayyim Ahmad

    Qayyim AhmadΠριν 4 μήνες

    Just saying, based on the game theory survey this tier list says a certain something about the sidemen fall guys skills

  79. Perfectdon 12

    Perfectdon 12Πριν 4 μήνες

    What was the 4th one

  80. Leo Elsdon

    Leo ElsdonΠριν 4 μήνες

    Ethan: this is big..... because I don’t care Everyone: pissing themselves Vik: lowkey ruins it by talking for half an hour

  81. TopBoy LY

    TopBoy LYΠριν 4 μήνες

    My latest video is the concept art for new fall guys game 'up and down' check it out see what you think. You won't find it anywhere else on GRlifes yet 😎 (probably for another hour😂)

  82. Brenon Fiwchuk

    Brenon FiwchukΠριν 4 μήνες

    You manage to take a boring game, and make an even more boring video on it.

  83. Aidan's Gaming channel

    Aidan's Gaming channelΠριν 4 μήνες

    No no no, fall ball is at the bottom of rather play roblox

  84. Aidan's Gaming channel

    Aidan's Gaming channelΠριν 4 μήνες

    The worst mode in all of fall guys

  85. MK_ PIZZA

    MK_ PIZZAΠριν 4 μήνες

    I just came here to say yall just bad no cap all maps easy yall just bad

  86. Fabio Sousa

    Fabio SousaΠριν 4 μήνες

    Vikk is actually annoying i hope jj starts bulliyng him again and puts him back in his place

  87. Chirag Joshi

    Chirag JoshiΠριν 4 μήνες

    Ethan did his best to do his part!!! xD

  88. Alan Baqtar

    Alan BaqtarΠριν 4 μήνες

    I like how there is a robox teir but most of these games are taken from roblox

  89. Alan Baqtar

    Alan BaqtarΠριν 4 μήνες

    Woshin bellz play epic mini games and see how accourate some of the games there are.

  90. Alan Baqtar

    Alan BaqtarΠριν 4 μήνες

    Woshin bellz have you played roblox?

  91. Alan Baqtar

    Alan BaqtarΠριν 4 μήνες

    Woshin bellz where the heck did you come up with this?

  92. RedPugie

    RedPugieΠριν 4 μήνες

    Take my money: Hex-a-gone, Slime climb, Whirlygig. Teasing: Jump Showdown, Fall Ball, Dizzy Heights, Jinxed, Hoopsie Daisy, Rock 'N' Roll, Team Tail Tag, Tip Toe. Just there: See Saw, Door Dash, Gate Crash, Fruit Chute, Hoarders, Egg Scramble, Hit Parade Stinker: Block Party, Roblox: Roll Out, Perfect Match.

  93. Deku

    DekuΠριν 4 μήνες

    The finished tier list kind of looks like the letter F

  94. tsar czar

    tsar czarΠριν 4 μήνες

    Fall ball is literally the worst along with fruit chute

  95. LukeyBoy990

    LukeyBoy990Πριν 4 μήνες

    4M Soon For MoreSidemen


    GIVEAWAY AT 150 SUBSCRIBERS !!!Πριν 4 μήνες

    Here's a list of Sidemen Sunday they should do(when possible): Sidemen Hide and Seek across the UK Sidemen Hide and Seek at a zoo Sidemen Night Vision Hide and Seek Sidemen Masterchef Sidemen Pointless Sidemen Holiday Sidemen Bowling Sidemen Tinder with Harry's sister Sidemen Speed Dating with Stephen, Lux & Freesy Sidemen Ninja warrior course Sidemen Fall Guys in real life If the Sidemen weren't doing GRlifes for 24 hours Sidemen Food Marathon

  97. Nathan Bell

    Nathan BellΠριν 4 μήνες

    That tier list is a fukin hate crime. ROYAL FUN VACUUM ISNT BOTTOM TIER ARE U MAD

  98. Ebere Fn

    Ebere FnΠριν 4 μήνες

  99. charlotte xx

    charlotte xxΠριν 4 μήνες

    Ethan sat there like 👁👄👁

  100. Nicknight12

    Nicknight12Πριν 4 μήνες

    They put Egg scramble in teesing. Idk that seems so boring especially if 1 team gets double teamed

  101. conlewcon

    conlewconΠριν 4 μήνες

    How the fuck is fall ball top tier and fruit shoot so bad that it's not even being ranked

  102. L ol

    L olΠριν 4 μήνες

    This is lazy content not a fan of it

  103. The Boys ASMR

    The Boys ASMRΠριν 4 μήνες

    second channel what do u expect

  104. -_-

    -_-Πριν 4 μήνες

    You guys really are really out of ideas

  105. Daniella Hain

    Daniella HainΠριν 4 μήνες

    does anyone know the song to there outro x

  106. Spicy Sprinkles

    Spicy SprinklesΠριν 4 μήνες

    Just here to hear Ethan say teesin 💖

  107. TheGringMan

    TheGringManΠριν 4 μήνες

    This was so clean how JJ, josh and tobi face palmed as if it was a Mexican wave 😂😂 15:48

  108. Cyan Sus

    Cyan SusΠριν 4 μήνες

    THIS IS Amazing :))

  109. Bartram Katt

    Bartram KattΠριν 4 μήνες


  110. Daniel

    DanielΠριν 4 μήνες

    2:40 was the fruit match one btw

  111. Daniel

    DanielΠριν 4 μήνες

    Someone tell vikk to stop swearing plz

  112. John Jacob

    John JacobΠριν 4 μήνες

    4:52 this why jj bullies vik. he out here violatin jj and not letting him talk 😭😭 look how sad jj looks

  113. Jamie Wildemans

    Jamie WildemansΠριν 4 μήνες

    come up with something original already

  114. stephen Kinsey

    stephen KinseyΠριν 4 μήνες

    I respect you guys opinion... but your all wrong